Dressing for Dinner

So let’s start in the kitchen.  Definitely the most important room in my house.

Now I’m not ashamed to admit that i’m obsessed with the humble apron at the moment – a much maligned and overlooked item in many a girls wardrobe these days I reckon, So though Ebay have some pretty nifty vintage pickings to be had, I was soo excited to find these elegant little numbers by Jessie Steele.

onyx-apron-jessie-steele.jpgAren’t they just gorgeous- Very desperate 50’s housewiveseque. To prove a point -last time I was ‘entertaining’ I was embarrassed to realise I had just spend the past 10 minutes banging on about where I got the dress I was wearing that I thought my friend was asking about, only to realise that the compliment had been targeted at my apron and she hadn’t even noticed my New York boutique chic beneath.

So there you go – spend a little extra on the pinny and save on the party clothes! Even if it’s just the ingredients watching they deserve to be handled in style – and I’m sure they taste all the better for it.


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