Picnics – there’s no place like home

Gorgeous Hamper!Staying at home this summer? Me too. But hey don’t despair – more time at home in Blighty = loads more opportunities for that perfect hostess moment!

Ok now I know May, June and July were pretty much write offs in terms of getting outdoors but I’m sure August will bring the sunny weather and what better way to celebrate than with a picnic.

–But roll over utilitarian, pre-crockerised hampers (though I agree they have their place – in the back of your grandparents Volvo probably) because I adore my cute Dorothy style basket that my brother of all people discovered at the Divertimenti Cookware store on Marylebone highstreet.

Even though we don’t much get the weather for it, I just feel so much happier for having its friendly, curvy presence in the house. This cute flap-lidded style ensures you’ll be the most stylish picnicers on the park and it’ll have you clicking your heels together with glee all afternoon – and evening of course if you remembered the bottle opener for once.

Thing is Divertimenti don’t seem to stock it anymore but after much searching (I can’t believe how hard this fairy tale classic of a basket is to find these days) I found these that are equally worthy of your cucumber sandwiches at the dotcomgiftshop.

Cath kidstons are also ever so nifty and these ones at GingerTwo -just need to cover with a pretty gingham tea-towel to keep the flys off.

Oh and don’t stop there. – out with the plaid rug that smells of damp dog and in with these gorgeeousssss textile masterpieces from Sue Holt.

Wicker Picnic BasketAm also loving this book-Picnics (More Than 70 Inspiring Recipes)Picnics (More Than 70 Inspiring Recipes).  Mind you if you’re short on time and feeling flush –check out these ready made picnics at Carluccios, flyingchef, and Villandry.

Oh and if you do want to go the whole hog then there’s always the Dorothy outfit to match, or Red Riding Hood or Alice in Wonderland….. I have to say the shoes are utterly glorious.

 Dorothy ShoesI got them through an Ebay shop but try : SexyLittleNumbers – the pink ones are stunning too! (er they seem to do a great range in bodystockings too if that’s your bag)

I admit it was all for a Hen do in Bournemouth and I don’t think anyone would get away with the bum skimmer of a dress on a daily basis but should the occasion arise try LadiesFancyDress or FancyDress.com  or again search Ebay for loads of sellers.




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